New Haven Bank

Building Throughways. Not Roadblocks.

Start Community Bank was formed in 2010 to meet the needs of small businesses and the community development agencies of New Haven. As the only Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) in Connecticut, the bank recognized that they had a responsibility to act on ensuring the bank’s name and branding reflected the true identity and mission of the bank.

Services used on this project

  • Brand Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Analytics
  • Communications

Project Goals

Develop a new name and brand for the bank that supports their mission to serve as a catalyst for economic and social improvement throughout the community.

The Process

The agency began the process by holding in-depth discovery sessions with the bank. With this information in hand, the creative team began exploring and proposing concepts that were designed to better highlight the bank’s personality and connection to New Haven. When brand elements were finalized, the agency worked alongside the bank to ensure the roll-out process was smooth and effective. Special attention was directed toward preparing existing customers and centers of influence for the upcoming change in order to avoid any confusion and to assist in the adoption of the new brand. The bank’s leadership believes strongly that it’s important to grow with neighborhood families and businesses who share the bank’s vision of a vibrant community.

The Results

The new logo, brand look, tone and feel designed by Pannos has been readily accepted by the bank’s employees, board of directors and most importantly, the communities and customers the bank serves. All materials created incorporated a “Building Throughways. Not Roadblocks.” message to emphasize that New Haven Bank’s new look and name would pave the way for new opportunities and success for the community. The bank chose not to run any product specials during the launch of their new name and brand, as they felt that promoting products would not accurately represent the personality they were working to portray in their brand messaging, “Working for you.” The agency assisted the bank in taking an integrated approach to rolling out a brand that emphasized a community focus. The bank has received extremely positive feedback and acceptance from both internal and external parties and has experienced an increase in awareness and web/branch traffic.

“Our new name, New Haven Bank, more closely reflects our deep commitment to our neighbors and the growth of the community. Serving and bettering New Haven is central to all that we do. New Haven is our home, and we’re proud to now be New Haven Bank. The overall execution of this initiative was very well orchestrated by Pannos and the end result exceeded our expectations.”
Maureen Frank, New Haven Bank President and Chief Executive Officer
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